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Texture Pack - Lilac and Cigarettes by MemoriesPast8956 Texture Pack - Lilac and Cigarettes :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0 Lilac by MemoriesPast8956 Lilac :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 1 0
I'll Keep Screaming
I’m screaming in a language
no one seems to understand
I’ve been caught between heaven
and a cold and lonely hell.
Now I’ve forgotten what it’s like
to dream my own dreams
cause your eyes flash like lights
and they’re blinding me.
Suddenly I blinked and it’s been seven years
seven wasted years too long
and I’m so tired and I’m so lonely
I pretend this is what I want.
So I’ll keep screaming til you start listenin
cause what’s a life lived this way?
That I’d give up everything if for a minute
just a single second
you’d hear what I say
:iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0
A Hobbit's Tale by MemoriesPast8956 A Hobbit's Tale :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 3 Azog by MemoriesPast8956 Azog :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 18 5 Azog the defiler by MemoriesPast8956 Azog the defiler :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 4 11
Oliver (part 2)
Your tongue on my flesh
the hum of your pleasure
your warmth on my thigh
I could lie here forever.
:iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 1 0
Forgive me, I'm sorry
I didn't see your pain
I thought it was okay
but now everything has changed
and it'll never be the same.
I'm sorry
I couldn't stop the pain
I'm sorry
cause I was too afraid
I'm sorry
it was you I couldn't save
I'm sorry
I didn't try to anyway.
I would hold your hand
if you would give it to me
I'd tell you that I love
all of you that I can see
I'd hold you in my arms
and tell you sadness is okay
I'd take the gun out of your hand
and tell you this is not the way.
This is all my fault
I couldn't take away the pain
This is all my fault
I let you walk away
this is all my thought
without you I am not okay
This is all my fault
you didn't hear what I could say.
Forgive me for letting you down
I let you deal with all your pain
I didn't help you out
now I'm the one in pain
and my entire world has changed
My life will never be the same
cause I let you die that way.
:iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0
Lazy Heart
I'm trying I'm trying
I swear I'm not dieing
please listen please help
I swear that I'm fighting.
Hear it beat and beat
there's blood in my feet
that's not the broken part.
I can't touch I can't feel
my vision is hazy
I'm not living not loving
my heart is just lazy.
It keeps beating and beating
and beating and beating
and beating and beating
it's been beating from the start.
It's not feeling or flying
or loving or fighting
or living, cause I've got
I've got a lazy heart.
A lazy lazy heart.
It's not feeling just beating
right from the start.
I can't love I can't love I'm covered in blood
I've got a lazy heart.
:iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0
Give Me Love by MemoriesPast8956 Give Me Love :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 1 0 It's too cold outside for angels to fly by MemoriesPast8956 It's too cold outside for angels to fly :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0 Windmill Farm by MemoriesPast8956 Windmill Farm :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 2 Windmill Farm by MemoriesPast8956 Windmill Farm :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0 Windmill Farm by MemoriesPast8956 Windmill Farm :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 1 0 Windmill Farm by MemoriesPast8956 Windmill Farm :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 2 2 Windmill Farm by MemoriesPast8956 Windmill Farm :iconmemoriespast8956:MemoriesPast8956 0 0


BaruS 0004 by Baronique BaruS 0004 :iconbaronique:Baronique 590 22
I didn't know I had depression until I turned around one day and found someone else in the same boat. It had never occurred to me that you could have depression and not know it and after sitting down with myself and having a good long think I came to the awful realization that it's been ten years. Ten. Years.
Ten years of being incapable of feeling the entire breadth of human emotion; only degrees of anger I couldn't control or understand, knowing that I was behaving completely irrationally and being unable to stop, driving away family and the precious few friends that had managed to find me and could no longer hang on to the maelstrom I had become.
It has been a never-ending rollercoaster traveling through a dream world where everything runs at quarter speed. Brief bursts of enthusiasm and passion over anything and nothing that send me shooting up to the clouds, only to creep slowly over the hill at the top, a creep that can take days or mere hours, before the car goes plunging
:iconazael17:Azael17 129 108
I am standing
It's been months since I wanted to break out of my body. Okay, that's a lie. But it's been days. Days since I've felt static scorch underneath my skin, felt colours cutting into my eyes, had to explain that these aren't metaphors. There are so many ways you can get used to living. I wonder if anyone else feels empty when they don't have creatures clawing up through their throat.
I don't know what art is, or what okay is. I like to believe I know it when I feel it, but I'm not so sure I would. I think people expect me to be a lot more insightful than I am right now. I don't think they take into account that boredom is stressful, and stress can shatter you like roots in concrete. Maybe I'm growing. But I don't even know if I'm bored. I feel like a lot of different people, or a lot of aspects of different people, all trying to learn how to stand one another.
It's been days since I wanted to break out of my body. I'm watching the sunrise from the wrong side, but I did sleep. I'm not curlin
:iconmissingnumbers:missingnumbers 118 41
Summer come back! by aseptyczny Summer come back! :iconaseptyczny:aseptyczny 468 13
words to say to your reflection
i am a collection of dust and stars,
blue luster in a sea of inky void.
i am a tongue licking lips, clicking against teeth,
shaping sounds that matter.
i am the lightning that explodes in purple storm clouds,
four miles of haphazard beauty
on a lonely night.
i am the sea in autumn, still holding the warmth of a summer of sunlight,
though the air outside is cold
by now.
i am the snow at 6am.
i have not been touched, not stepped on. my surface is smooth as glass.
i am the snow at 6pm.
i am still beautiful.
i am the sound of rain just before sunrise
on a sunday morning.
i am the swirl of cream in a coffee,
blossoming and unfolding like a galaxy.
i am the smell of lavender
after a storm.
i am breathing.
:iconaprilwednesday:aprilwednesday 163 53
Natalie VIII by LJS-Photo Natalie VIII :iconljs-photo:LJS-Photo 51 4 Natalie V by LJS-Photo Natalie V :iconljs-photo:LJS-Photo 67 1 Natalie III by LJS-Photo Natalie III :iconljs-photo:LJS-Photo 24 1
Don't Fall In Love With A Writer
               Just because they will bruise your neck with pearls of metaphors; and splash palettes of colours onto your chest with reckless waves and boundless twilight. They will smear ink onto your lips as you kiss them because that is how they leave hickeys. They are wildest in their 2 a.m. diary, and liveliest in book racks of novels; they have butterflies in every heartbeat and they breathe living poems. They leave trails in libraries and coffee shops like Hansel leaves crumbs in forest and they have undying lovers because every love story is ever living in their abyssal oceans of analogies and similes. They know every cliché like the sunset knows the moon rise, and every wound in their heart like blood in their veins. They are terrifying because they weave you in splinters of fires rolling down their cheeks. They are weird because they don't smile much but sometimes you could catch their smiles in poems or tales. They are psychotic b
:iconmilk-and-pie:Milk-and-Pie 1,112 600
Eowyn - signature shot 1 by wildplaces Eowyn - signature shot 1 :iconwildplaces:wildplaces 65 33 White Lady of Rohan by LiigaKlavina White Lady of Rohan :iconliigaklavina:LiigaKlavina 1,982 159 Luthien by aryundomiel Luthien :iconaryundomiel:aryundomiel 221 39 Rohan warrior sketch by kimberly80 Rohan warrior sketch :iconkimberly80:kimberly80 1,298 71 Creation by BLPH Creation :iconblph:BLPH 937 146 water wings by Emiroth water wings :iconemiroth:Emiroth 2,526 146 lianne la havas by MikaiSakura lianne la havas :iconmikaisakura:MikaiSakura 14 4



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